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Brothers-in-Oysters: an epic Nor'easter Rescue

Airbnb, anyone?

But first: a little storm talk. 

A Nor'easter, or as we say in Boston, a "Nor'easta," is a macro-scale extratropical cyclone in the western North Atlantic Ocean. 

On the farm we don’t mind rain so much, unless it's a lot of rain, (then we get closed down due to the dangers of run-off). But wind is a whole lotta headache.

On the water, it whips up waves and storm surge. To protect our floating oyster houses, we move them out of open water into more sheltered areas. I've always taken our farm's float up the Blue Fish River. It's a fairly narrow winding river, and...

Autumn entertaining goes cowboy cool


We go camping in Maine every year with some of our best friends, and since hauling our families, their belongings, and enough food for about 40 people for three days isn’t enough (it is); we like to mix it up with a themed dinner, because it’s fun. Really fun. Perhaps the highlight of the whole shebang.

Well this year's theme was “cowboy,” and since it lends itself to autumn outdoor entertaining, we thought we'd...

Kick it with Gowanbrae

Get out your kicks, this gent knows how to play. 

GOWANBRAEHe's blonde (v. handsome, a bit cocky), he sports a caramel drizzled, tear-drop shaped shell. Shades of yellow and khaki in his kit, he color coordinates perfectly with autumn eats. And his temperament strikes an even-keeled balance of brine forward and mineral undertones. Bonus: he'll keep sweet-talking you long after the last bite. 

briny | mineral undertones |  sweet-talker

3.0 - 3.25

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Après le dîner
  2. Beaucoup de vin
  3. Getting your kicks
  4. Upstreet Commons Pilsner

Shigoku sings a song

Hi, I'm Shigoku (cue the piña colada song)

I like the feel of the ocean,
And the taste of champagne
I'm not into yo-ga, (you know I'm a bi-valve) 
so I don't have a brain.

Though I'm grown out in Washing-ton
I taste salty like the dunes on the cape
I could be the love that you've looked for
Order me and escape

Did you know 

A wildly good time

It's a wild ride

And all the cool cats will come out to play, and by cool cats we don't mean the feline variety (though our cat Penny Lane knows a wildly good oyster when she sees one). We mean your friends, your crew, your people. Because this isn't an everyday Light Beer sort of oyster, this is a Kraft batch, distinct, rich, and they'll all want a taste. After all, we're talking about  WILDCAT.