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The Comedy Issue

Pairs with laughter

Well, in other news: Larry David recently married. And "Curb" is celebrating its 20th year. If you haven't watched Season 9 Episode 9 of Curb your Enthusiasm entitled The Shucker with Lin-Manuel Miranda it's a must-see. Steven Weber plays the shucker to the stars, and bribery goes down for a little shucker discretion. PLUS Borat 2 is about to be released on Amazon Prime. And Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin are forever killing it on SNL. 

Comedy pairs perfectly with shuck 'n bivalves. And beers. Or whatever you feel...


Give peace a chance

What do John Lennon and Korean Oyster Pancakes have in common? Ostensibly nothing, but they both feed the soul. JL would have turned 80 last Friday, October 9th, and that's something surely to contemplate. If there was ever a time for music to bring us together, it's now. And his iconic message of peace remains incredibly comforting: which brings us to Korean Oyster Pancakes.

Comfort Food

With the world reeling, children schooling from home, and parents trying to stay afloat, not to mention the election (Get...

Sing it with Neil

Harvest Moon

But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancin' in the light
We know where the music's playin'
Let's go out and feel the night


In the album Harvest Moon: Neil Young sings about survival, and his hopefulness is catching.

“What this album is about is this feeling, this ability to survive and continue to grow and get higher than you were before,” says Young. “Not just maintain, not just feel well. Not just 'I’m still alive at forty-five.’ You can be more alive.” (Rolling Stone).


Oddly comforting for its slightly sad yet eternally buoyant melodies: you'll find yourself singing aloud with...

Talkin' bout Tequila

Mas Tequila 

We don't really need a reason to drink tequila, but since National Tequila Day is this Friday, July 24, by all means, pass the hot sauce and mas tequila, por favor.

Most songs about Tequila are heartbreak hotel numbers so let's cue The Champs' 1958 golden hit: you-know-the-one (bomp bada bomp bomp bom-pa), the Latin infused big band tune in which the only lyrics of the song are:


We reckon it's the perfect Tequila Song. It elicits all the "up feelings" and rhythm of this delicious agave plant derivative. Keep that healthy high hopping and...

Cult Mantra of Luck + Free Knife to Shuck

Dear Future, I'm ready.

What is the alchemy of luck? Is it mere chance or a mysterious brew of courage, focus, and a willingness to experiment?


1. Choose a lucky attitude (and oyster).
2. Be ready for your next break (and shuck).
3. Own your success (be the cult you were meant to be).

From now until St. Patrick's Day, we're giving away a free shucking knife with every order (last day is March 17th).