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Mignonettes in Nips

Rock your tastebuds and your next party.

Introducing Mignon-Nips: Two collections of handmade, small-batch, mignonettes (in nip bottles), made from organic ingredients in collaboration with our dear friend, Stephen, creator of Hummingbird Juice.


Cult Classic Collection

Cult Classic blends red wine, white balsamic, and sushi vinegar, minced shallot, and cracked black pepper. Pure perfection. 
H A Z E will leave you blinking and dreaming, fresh horseradish, ginger, and celery root. Secretly satisfying. 

Lost at Sea Collection

Lost at Sea will transport you. Ride the heatwave: Lemon, garlic, and a to-die-for pepper combo; starts sweet ends hot.
Tryst is an intoxicating seduction of lemon, organic soy sauce, wasabi, and lime.

sexy | accoutrement

sexy | accoutrement

Two one-ounce bottles per collection. Just a drop or two per oyster.


Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Your at-home oyster bar
  2. Gifts
  3. Cocktails and Beer
  4. Celebrating