Shipping is free in New England. And up to $39 across the US. 
Curating from over 90 farms across NA.
Savor the sea. Save the oceans.

If you wanna have an at-home oyster bar with 2 or 3 or 4 varieties, or just try a different oyster from different geographies every month, then your one-stop shop, do all the research, pick em, pack em and ship em service is ROC. It’s $2.25 to $3.00 an oyster - a darn good price because I can’t get that any cheaper at an oyster bar or at a good high end retailer, and most of them don’t offer the variety that ROC does.-
Phil B, Washington DC

We've been monthly members for more than a year now. Every month we get 20 of 3 different oysters. Without exception they've arrived on time, fresh and full of "liquor." It's a lot of fun to be surprised each month with a variety of oysters which would be impossible to find in one location locally. We are in the Los Angeles area and used to get our oysters from a rather well known fish market. ROC's oysters taste much better and fresher than theirs. Plus, Rob and Sims have been very accommodating. I highly recommend ROC! - Roger F, CA

Simply put, these are the best oysters from the best company run by the best people. I have ordered numerous times and every experience has been banner. Stop looking, you have found the oyster place.-
Lionel A, Utah 

My favorite oyster shop! Thanks for always having the freshest oysters. When I go to my local market, about 1/3 are not edible. I have never had an issue with any of the oysters I have purchased from Real Oyster Cult!
– Ann O, CT


Cult Monthly Membership
Cult Monthly Membership

Cult Monthly Membership

American Shuck'n Love
American Shuck'n Love

American Shuck'n Love

Raw Bar Box
Raw Bar Box

Raw Bar Box

Summer Love
Summer Love

Summer Love

the Maine event
the Maine event

the Maine event


Our cult started small

Then we realized it was too good not to share.
#jointhecult and invite farm fresh oysters to your table. 


OUR Founders

Rob + Sims are a husband/wife, award-winning team. A family oyster farm , 4 kids + lots of heart keep them focused (read zany): Rob texts with customers. Sims chats them up on Instagram. They want your experience to be as delightful as the oysters you buy




We think our food should help make our environment something we can enjoy for a long time. It goes something like this: eat oysters, support oyster farms, save the oceans. Pretty great, right? 


OUr Oysters

Oysters are like wine: they're flavored from the regions in which they grow. We give you access to over 90  flavors + farms across North America. We curate the most delectable picks based on seasonality. 



New to shucking? We're here to help. To pry open your treats, it's as easy as peeling an apple. Watch this video and learn our tips + tricks.


How we're different 

We partner with over 90 farms to guarantee the freshest, most in-season experience. Oysters come directly from farms to our Boston shop, then we ship to you in a cool, insulated box.



We ship Fed-Ex overnight delivery. For your safety, our insulated boxes are outfitted with a cold pack + temp sensor so your oysters arrive as cool and fresh as possible. Free in New England. Up to $36 across the country.