Your ultimate guide to September bliss

September Bliss is yours

YAAAS. The kids are back to school. And you are back to sanity? Maybe. Who is, really? Maybe you don't have kids? Lucky. Just kidding. Or they're all grown up. Point is, we've created the ultimate handful to bring you September bliss. Because wherever you are in life, September comes hard and you deserve a vacation from your vacation.


SHIGOKU is the ultimate cornucopia of flavor. It's got all the west coast cucumber nuance you love, but it also has BRINE. Hallelujah. And RACE POINT is the oh-so-cute doll baby, primped up with cool brine and vegetal sweetness. Both of these babes are highly sought after and hard to come by. Meaning: we will probably only have them this week. September bliss is yours. With one click of the button. YAAAS.

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