Comeback Tour

Eight more weeks until flip-flop season (!!!). Plus Mother's Day, Father's Day (heck kids' + friends' bdays boom.boom.boom in the next few months), not to mention the Cannes Film Festival is on (see you there?), and the awesomeness of near and dear getting vaxxed: it's like Elvis' Comeback Tour in '68. Dang, hope is pretty cool. And so was the King. Just watch him sing "Trying to get to you." It'll get you all shook up.


In bloom

Just in time for Mother's Day. ACADIAN PEARL is that deep and decadent Sistah blessed with brilliance and flavor. She's the perfect dinner guest: À la carte or in the MAMA SHUCKS duo.
Easy to shuck, she's gotta full-bodied brine laced with mineral undertones and an umami finish. Pair with light citrusy rosé for a refreshing spring dalliance.


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