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Cult: we're pleased to introduce Phil B. On his very first order, Phil wrote an ode to oysters and hasn't stopped since. (We love Phil and his letters). His vim and vigor for the sea are absolutely catching. 
"Since I was nine years old hunting and oysters were inextricably linked. Picking up oysters on the mudflats on the eastern shore of Maryland at my father's urging when I was a kid after hunting or fishing was my first introduction to this manna from heaven. And that became an obsession of mine, which though tempered a little with age and the advent of Real Oyster Cult, still exists to this day. 


I still eat a ton of Bay and Chincoteague oysters, but those ROC
In college, I scuba dove for oysters and sold one bushel on campus for $10 or $15 and kept one bushel, using my proceeds to buy beer for our oyster parties, first in our dorm (shucking in the dorm bathroom) then later on the farm we lived on. During winter breaks, I worked at an oyster bar in Annapolis. If I wasn’t shucking them I was frying them. I’m not sure I ever got a paycheck but I drank ample beer and I still mostly use this same frying method today." Phil B., Washington D.C.

Phil B's Fried Oysters
Shuck your oysters
Mix a combo of flour, panko bread crumbs, cornmeal, or cracker crumbs in a big bowl.
Add shucked oysters to the mixture, fully coating them
Fry in peanut oil (or canola) until slightly crispy

Spicy remoulade
A scoop of mayo
A dollop of Grey Poupon
Spritz or two of hot sauce
Tablespoon of honey
Minced garlic clove
A sprinkle of cayenne pepper
Minced scallion

We recommend a bigger oyster for frying: Introducing GOOSE FLAT from our Duxbury Farm. Tastes like a ROC RESERVE, but it's a heartier, meatier mouthful. Great to grill and fry, oh my. Also, welcome back SWEET PEMMIE from Maine. Woo-wee!

Not just a cult.

It's a whole fam-damily, it's shucking relationships. With us, sure. But more importantly, with the people you love. Curated oysters, delivered once a month: It's always a party where oysters and culture meet. 

Join the cult membership.

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