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Get a special, curated surprise oyster selection offered only to cult members. Every month Sims and Rob will handpick peak season, hard to find, only available in restaurants, or just some of their favorite oysters for your devouring pleasure. Want more than one flavor? Choose 40 oysters and enjoy a party of two kinds. Still not satisfied? Choose 60 and get a three-way. 

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2.75 - 3.25 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

      1. The Oyster Lover
      2. The Mother Shucker
      3. Rooftop Gatherings 
      4. Book Group 




North American oyster farms grow some of the world's most crave-able oysters. Like wine, their flavors and textures can vary greatly (even within the same oyster family), depending upon the season. From the crowd-pleasing Kumamoto from Washington, to the kissable Pink Moon from PEI, there's a peak season for each. We'll choose only what's in season, so every time it will be your favorite oyster ever.

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