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Oysters: A Beginner's Guide. Tips and tricks from the Cult Crypt


In other words: What to look for when buying oysters. How to assess a fresh oyster.


The perfect party food.

There's a reason the raw bar draws crowds. A bed of glittering crushed ice stacked with fleshy, freshly shucked oysters. Pop the bubbly already. There’s anticipation while the shucker gently severs the muscle from the gleaming shell, deftly, confidently, without hesitation. You pick up the oyster, it’s slightly wet in your hands, and inhale it like a sea breeze. Throw your head back, chew, and swallow. The rush is...

Rock your Derby Day

Wild horses

We'll ride then someday

Oh, Dynamic One now is the moment to Rock Your World. (But also, be real and take Super Stock of it all). Live Like the King: your Known Agenda will manifest...craving Essential Quality it's Helium clear you're a Highly Motivated individual, but after you smoke your Hidden Stash: all you really care about is a Soup and Sandwich. Such is life Hot Rod Charlie, Sainthood ain't easy. Stay Brooklyn Strong, run like the shuck 'n wind, and be home in time for a Midnight Bourbon

Comeback Tour

Eight more weeks until flip-flop season (!!!). Plus Mother's Day, Father's Day (heck kids' + friends' bdays boom.boom.boom in the next few months), not to mention the Cannes Film Festival is on (see you there?), and the awesomeness of near and dear getting vaxxed: it's like Elvis' Comeback Tour in '68. Dang, hope is pretty cool. And so was the King. Just watch him sing "Trying to get to you." It'll get you all shook up.


In bloom

Just in time for Mother's Day. 

Fry like this Guy

Hunt. Fish. Cook.

Cult: we're pleased to introduce Phil B. On his very first order, Phil wrote an ode to oysters and hasn't stopped since. (We love Phil and his letters). His vim and vigor for the sea are absolutely catching. 
"Since I was nine years old hunting and oysters were inextricably linked. Picking up oysters on the mudflats on the eastern shore of Maryland at my father's urging when I was a kid after hunting or fishing was my first introduction to this manna from heaven. And that became an obsession of mine, which...

Halloween Dreaming

Pirate Dreams

Dreaming helps us escape, as do shuck 'n rituals with friends and copious amounts of oysters. And grog. Those of you who follow the Cult know that we are partial to costumes, and spoofs of all kinds. Life is hard work (we are workaholics) but we take our fun pretty seriously, too. And our dreaming. Our annual camping trip #2020 in Maine was a little different this summer, but we...