Cult Mantra of Luck + Free Knife to Shuck

Dear Future, I'm ready.

What is the alchemy of luck? Is it mere chance or a mysterious brew of courage, focus, and a willingness to experiment?


1. Choose a lucky attitude (and oyster).
2. Be ready for your next break (and shuck).
3. Own your success (be the cult you were meant to be).

From now until St. Patrick's Day, we're giving away a free shucking knife with every order (last day is March 17th). 

Lucky Limes

In northern New London Bay, (nurtured by the same makers of famous Raspberry Points) Lucky Limes are bag grown in algae abundant waters, which sometimes imbue their tan shells with a lovely, bright green hue. Fed by the Gulf of St. Lawrence, they're subtly salty, full-bodied and perfectly paisley shaped. The beauty's in their balance: Not many oysters can claim "good for breakfast." (We just had one. It was remarkable). But lucky Limes fit the bill after coffee or during cocktail hour. They're just plain lucky. 

balanced | salty |  lucky

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