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Pairs with laughter

Well, in other news: Larry David recently married. And "Curb" is celebrating its 20th year. If you haven't watched Season 9 Episode 9 of Curb your Enthusiasm entitled The Shucker with Lin-Manuel Miranda it's a must-see. Steven Weber plays the shucker to the stars, and bribery goes down for a little shucker discretion. PLUS Borat 2 is about to be released on Amazon Prime. And Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin are forever killing it on SNL. 

Comedy pairs perfectly with shuck 'n bivalves. And beers. Or whatever you feel like drinking. Laughter is the best medicine, and well, oysters are very healthy for you (also). And Cult, if you haven't seen any of our videos, we do a bit of comedy, too. We want to make you shuck 'n laugh: Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel here.

Hello, Belon

Yes. Finally. BELON is back. This highly sought-after one-of-a-kind bivalve also known as the European Flat is hand-harvested by a diver in Maine, and stock is limited. You've been asking, so we're delivering: starting this Friday. If you're new to these big beauts, they're not for the faint of heart. But. The people who love them, LOVE them. 

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Belon: Cultie, Savannah Gossweiler


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