Talkin' bout Tequila

Mas Tequila 

We don't really need a reason to drink tequila, but since National Tequila Day is this Friday, July 24, by all means, pass the hot sauce and mas tequila, por favor.

Most songs about Tequila are heartbreak hotel numbers so let's cue The Champs' 1958 golden hit: you-know-the-one (bomp bada bomp bomp bom-pa), the Latin infused big band tune in which the only lyrics of the song are:


We reckon it's the perfect Tequila Song. It elicits all the "up feelings" and rhythm of this delicious agave plant derivative. Keep that healthy high hopping and pair with protein-packed bivalves and our hot sauce Mignon-Nip: Lost at Sea.


Shuck your oyster: We recommend a deep-cupped delight, like a ROC Reserve or Fiddler's Cove. Douse a drop of Lost at Sea on top, then add a drop of Te-quila. It will heal-ya.

Margarita Mama Oyster Poppers


Mix a shot of your favorite tequila (ours is Casamigos), a couple of drops of triple sec, and lots of fresh-squeezed lime juice. Add a bit of crushed ice. Shuck your oyster, imbibe your oyster, pour the margarita shot into the shell. Shoot. Repeat. Sigh, heaven.

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