Make a Love Connection

Love Connection in the 80's

Before there was the cult of oyster lovers, there was a cult T.V. show about love. (Cult Gen-Xers, do you remember? Oh, the glory days of latch key kids). It had all the trappings of high drama: blind dates, secret videotapes, audience participation. Now, the Cult knows what the Cult knows. While we watched this train wreck with glee, there was nothing, and we mean nothing, about Love Connection that was real.


Love Connection in 2020

Fast forward to the era of authenticity, (and though Fox has just aired a re-make of Love Connection) the Cult knows what the Cult knows: true love connections come from sharing organic, sustainable, ocean-saving, life-giving, shucking oysters.  

Cult: we love you so much we've married two bi-valves to blow your mind this Valentine's Day.

Kumamoto from WA, the veritable king of the west coast, and Sailor's Valentine, the naughty upstart from Real Oyster Cult (Duxbury Bay). Plump, buttery and infused with melon undertones, Kumamotos originate from Japan. Sailor's Valentine seduces with lovely bite-size, plump, salty-sweet kisses. 

Pairs Perfectly with:

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  2. Love Connections
  3. Prosecco
  4. Wining and Dining

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