Love Story: a Tennessee tale

A love story

"It had been a while since we had oysters (living in Tennessee doesn't lend itself to the option very often; which is a shame, since I grew up near Apalachicola), so we decided to order some from Real Oyster Cult for the weekend.

We put on some music and were enjoying drinks while I made a mignonette and Tyler whipped up some accoutrements.

Tyler told me to sit by the fireplace and read while he shucked (what a good deal). We devoured the first few and he started shucking more. One was clearly giving him a hard time. He knelt down, wrestling with it, but then success! A smile came over his face and he said, "Huh. You don't normally find one of these inside an oyster." I thought it was going to be little crab or a pearl; but no, he held up a ring! 

Cue crying from me and laughing from him (and obviously more oysters and champagne to celebrate). So now we're engaged, and Real Oyster Cult will forever be a special part of a very special day." Ginny Weiss

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