Halloween Dreaming

Pirate Dreams

Dreaming helps us escape, as do shuck 'n rituals with friends and copious amounts of oysters. And grog. Those of you who follow the Cult know that we are partial to costumes, and spoofs of all kinds. Life is hard work (we are workaholics) but we take our fun pretty seriously, too. And our dreaming. Our annual camping trip #2020 in Maine was a little different this summer, but we were outside, with our Quaranteam, and yes, masks were involved. Pirate masks.

Dream a little dream: With HALLOWEEN falling on a Saturday this year, stage outdoor shuck 'n festivities with your pod.

The kids began costuming in the late afternoon while the adults were still at the beach. When we arrived back at the campsite, the light was dancing through the willow trees and the fire was gently smoking. It felt like we'd just happened upon Peter Pan and the Lost Boys or a scene from Captain Fantastic (a great family movie to watch btw). A menagerie of color, sword-play, and make-believe ignited a spark that set off the evening.


Ours went down like this: Captain Ronnie, his pet parrot, and Pirate Cook Megan concocted a mouth-watering Pirate Stew. Megan of @MeganMcClureInteriors is a designer who brings an uncanny creative genius to all her projects, whether it's a home, a craft, or a meal. Her Pozole with hominy was similarly inspired, off-the-cuff, and delicious: a Mexican soup with spicy tender pork, cheese, and cilantro for garnish and grilled tortillas for dipping.

Bivalve Bounty

Our bounty came right from our farm in a cooler packed with ice to the campsite. What we always say: Have Oysters, Will Travel. And our Mignon-Nips were a cinch to transport, too. Stock up for your shuck 'n Halloween, bi-valve booty is richer than candy.

Love from your Cult leaders

This year is undoubtedly difficult, but finding ways to stay sane is imperative. So dream a little dream with us: sending love to all the Cult. We're in this together.

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