Add some alchemy to your summer soirée


There's something magical about Moonstones, maybe because they're grown in a salt pond, maybe because their complexity draws you in to musing on their myriad flavor notes. It's a subtle alchemy, and if you're looking for a little night magic to dress up your summer soirée, look no further than Moonstone + just for fun, cue Sondheim's A little Night Music. Rowan Jacobsen of the Oyster Guide says it sublimely:

"Grown in Point Judith Pond, an oval bit of loveliness on the Rhode Island coast just around the corner from Narragansett Bay, they come in classy evening attire: white shells with black stripes and trim. The brine is strong...what jumps out at you is that full body; the taste fills your mouth with minerals and brothy umami richness. Copper, iron, clay—it’s all there. In fact, the stony, tannic flavors can make some wines taste almost bitter; your best bet is something exceedingly dry and simple, like Muscadet or Chablis, or a martini. Get that right, and you will discover why I love Moonstones’ fine, flinty flavor and long finish."

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