A wildly good time

It's a wild ride

And all the cool cats will come out to play, and by cool cats we don't mean the feline variety (though our cat Penny Lane knows a wildly good oyster when she sees one). We mean your friends, your crew, your people. Because this isn't an everyday Light Beer sort of oyster, this is a Kraft batch, distinct, rich, and they'll all want a taste. After all, we're talking about  WILDCAT.

Wildcat Cove (WA) is a gem of an alcove where Little Skookum meets Totten Inlet: there's plenty of water exchange, phytoplankton + zero boat traffic. Sigh. Heaven. 

rich  |  melon  |  showoff

2.75 - 3"

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. CBD Cocktails
  2. Hikes in the Mountains
  3. Harvest Fairs
  4. Lord Hobo Brewing

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