He'll grin like Jack

Give him something to grin about

If we weren't so well acquainted with Jack Nicholson's cheshire cat-like grin, we might think he was listening to the sounds of...well...ahem...heavenly voices. But knowing his famous grin as we do, there's no doubt he's listening to the ebullient sounds of shucking, and he's pumped up to shuck for Father's Day.

Give Dad something to grin about and order him Papa Shucks. If he doesn't know how to shuck, it's a cinch. With every order, we send you a link to our learn to shuck video

Father's Day Duo |  Papa Shucks

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Father's Day
  2. 70s Headphones
  3. Ice Cold Beer
  4. Tunes

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