BBQ all day, Shuck all night

Fire it up

When Memorial Day weekend rolls around here in the northeast and the days are waxing longer, we are nothing short of ecstatic to remain outside, light a fire and...well, grill everything.

Bring on the cookouts, and make some room on the grill for sustainable treats from the sea.

For Memorial Day:  BBQ Oysters

In a pan:

  • Sauté a bit of butter
  • Minced garlic
  • Few drops of your favorite hot sauce
  • Spritz of lemon juice 

On the Grill:
  • Place oysters cup up on the grill (so the liquor stays intact)
  • Grill about 5 mins until lids pop
  • Remove from grill, open lids and spoon mixture over each oyster. Place oysters back on grill to bubble with sauce for about 1-2 mins. Serve, devour.

We recommend Rocky Nooks from Kingston, MA. Deep cups and full meats make this a perfect grilling oyster.

PC: Monica Lo, @lobese

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