For an oyster, every day is earth day.


Not all super heroes wear capes. In fact, this one does a good job of blending in, while doing some pretty important work at the same time: building reefs to support habitats for other creatures and fish, filtering nitrogen and cleaning the water, and packing carbon into its shell.

Sound like a lot for one mollusk? It is, but luckily there are over one thousand oyster farms up and down both coasts which create natural oyster reefs that aid in storm protection and ocean restoration. Go farmers!

Besides supporting many farms, Real Oyster Cult supports the Billion Oyster Project with their mission to clean up New York Harbor with oyster shells. And this year, we're not only donating oysters to their annual Billion Oyster Party fundraiser on May 9th, we're hosting a shuck-yourself table to empower more oyster lovers to shuck.The more we shuck, the more we eat. And that's good for the earth. We'll also be donating a three month cult membership to a lucky winner. Stop by the Real Oyster Cult shucking table to say hi and sign up to win. Woo-hoo!

Every time you make the choice to eat oysters, you can feel good you're supporting the little mollusk that could. #jointhecult

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