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Fling into Spring

It's officially spring (woo-hoo!), but while we wait for blooms and warmer weather, we're hoping to fuel your spring flings with a few of our absolute faves this week. And we're bundling them in our SPRING FLING TRIO, so you can try them all.

Capital from Spencer Cove, WA: sweet and creamy, with hints of melon and cucumber, a crisp sea salt flavor and a satisfyingly clean finish. Raspberry Point from PEI indulges with deep cups, rounded crunchy meat, a benevolent brine and sweet mushroom finish. Glacier Point from Alaska boasts a umami brine, gentle crunch and a clean, vegetal finish.

Spring | Sampler

2.75 - 3.5 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Spring Fever
  2. Kraft Cocktails
  3. March Madness
  4. Dinners with Friends                                            


Just off the boat

Welcome to Halibut Cove, Alaska. It's home to oyster farmers, Greg and Weatherly Bates and their kids, quite a few bears and not so many people: Its year round population is about 15, more in the summer. Seeking adventure, Greg and Weatherly set out from Maine to this remote village to raise their kids, mussels and oysters. And adventure is what they got.

Their oysters, Glacier Points, are literally fed by glaciers, which dump silt-laden mineral infused waters into the cove all summer, while seals and orcas keep watch.

Get a closer look at their farm and this slice of Alaskan paradise in this video.

PC: Jean Roh

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