Taiwanese Street Food

Monica Lo of Sous Weed makes magic with oysters in Taiwanese Street Food

We recently sent some of our favorite west coast oysters: Chelsea Gems to our very talented and lovely friend Monica Lo, photographer, chef, creative director and cannabis advocate. Whether she's cooking or shooting, (usually both at the same time!) Monica makes magic across multiple mediums, and we're always thrilled to see what to-die-for masterpiece she has up her sleeve. This time she made Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua. Oh, my.

From Monica's Sous Weed Blog 

"The new Street Food documentary on Netflix has been my jam these past few days. It hits me in all the feels while making me hungry and nostalgic. When talking about Taiwanese street food, one of my favorites has to be Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua (aka Orh-Ah Mee-Sua” or 蚵仔麵線.) It’s a humble dish of soft Mee Sua, or wheat vermicelli, in a savory seafood broth chock full of plump oysters.

Street vendors often add braised pig intestines in the broth but when making it at home mom and I prefer using Chinese fish balls with squid legs, often found in the frozen section at the Asian grocery stores. The experience of eating this Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua is textural—thick broth, soft noodles, firm oysters, crisp bites of bamboo shoots, sharp vinegar, and bouncy (the Taiwanese like to call this texture ‘QQ’) fish balls.

This recipe makes a large serving for about 10. I love eating this for breakfast or an afternoon snack so it lasts about a week in the fridge."

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