Is shucking sacred?

Is shucking sacred? (Obvi)

Sometimes shucking can be a lot of work (raw bars). It can also be a lot of fun, it brings people together in that way party tricks do. And it's an adventure, like light exercise while drinking wine. We've always believed that these components make it akin to a sacred ritual of sorts. Just so happens, Richard Catania feels the same way. We love you Richard. Here's his story.

"These are our dearest friends in Midland. All of them love oysters (maybe not as much as I do). Yes, this is me shucking oysters in the sink. I got quite a work-out last night (140 oysters).

I was born (and raised) in France very near the Atlantic Ocean. My grandfather had a little fisherman’s house in a village called La-Tranche-sur-Mer, across from Île de Ré. Shucking (and eating) oysters is something I learned at a very young age. Marennes-Oléron have always been my favorite.

Shucking oysters is like a sacred ritual for me.
😂 🍾🥂

"No better way to bring your friends together than an oyster-shucking party, especially when some of the best oysters in the world are delivered on your door-step. Just add Muscadet, Sauvignon-Blanc, or Chablis. Shucked 140 oysters last night.
From Midland, TX, in the middle of the West-Texas desert...thank you Real Oyster Cult." 

The Catania family and friends.

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