Shigoku ~ the Ultimate Valentine

We ❤️ Shigoku

And we're pretty sure you will, too. Happy Valentine's from us to you.

We're over the moon to offer these tide-tumbled beauts from Taylor Shellfish Farms in WA for Valentine's. Forget the chocolate, these unique, cornucopia-shaped bivalves are a true treat.

In Japanese, "shigoku" means ultimate, and there are many who think SHIGOKU (farmed in Samish Bay or Willapa Bay, WA) is the ultimate oyster. Cultivation and availability is limited, and you'll mostly find them in high-end restaurants in the pacific northwest and in Hong Kong.

Author and oyster expert, Rowan Jacobsen of Oysterater says, "these are like a luxury you don’t deserve, and you can’t quite figure out why you wound up with them. Highly polished, redolent of watercress and cucumber, salty as all get out, these are 1 percenter oysters for sure. Just don’t tell the 1 percenters." 

briny  |  cucumber  |  showstopper 

Pairs Perfectly with:

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  3. Laughing til It Hurts
  4. Prosecco

2.25 inches | Petite

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