How to set your Raw Bar like a Pro

Fun tip: use a dropper for your mignonette

The classic French accoutrement — red-wine vinegar laced with shallots and black pepper — is tried and true, but a citrus mignonette is lovely for the warmer months. Less acidic, it's a more subtle accompaniment. A dash of citrus is perfect, but when it comes to making a mignonette, it's all about adding the zest. 

Meyer Lemon Mignonette

  • Juice and zest of 2 Meyer lemons
  • A bit of minced shallot
  • Cracked black pepper

Thanks to Phil Bangert for sharing his pro raw bar set-up. Crushed ice, tags and mignonette droppers take it to eleven. Phil adores Chef Creeks and favors Pacific oysters to Atlantic. Way to go Phil! You're a cult rock star. 

Spring is a great time to enjoy Pacific oysters * Crassostrea Gigas *  before water temps rise on the west coast, which can cause natural spawning.

"The oysters are the star of the show and the reason why we’re all here at ROC. But the oysters can speak for themselves. The folks at ROC deserve credit too. Their service is great. They’re always responsive to questions or requests, the overnight delivery is always reliable, and yes, the oysters arrive fresh, cold, neatly packaged and nicely labeled. Top quality service for top quality oysters!" Phil Bangert

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