Let's take a honeymoon.

Cue the swoon

From the Romans to Chaucer, there's lots of lore about the origin of St. Valentine and Valentine's Day, but one fact remains true, it's a perfectly delicious day to celebrate your loves and take a little honeymoon from the winter doldrums.

Show your lover, family, and friends, how much they mean to you: Cue the swoon with Honeymoon, a new oyster from Bedec Bay, New Brunswick or our Lover's Duo, a coupling of Kusshi from Vancouver Island with Honeymoon. And to get in the mood, try this rosé mignonette.

Rosé Mignonette

1/8 cup of White or Red Wine Vinegar
1/8 cup Dry Rosé 
Minced Shallot, 2 T 
Freshly ground Black Pepper

PC: Betty Liu


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