Ultimate Gift Set

Ultimate Gift

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Sparkle + Dazzle

For the unabashed Oyster Lover in your life: Give the ultimate gift. Sparkle, dazzle, and shuck: We'll curate 40 Oysters (an East Coast, a Canadian Maritime) or 60 Oysters (East Coast, Canadian, West Coast), Gloves + Knife, Cult Classic Mignon-Nips, a Shell Ornament, a handwritten ROC Notecard, and the option to add Caviar.

If you're not sure when you're giftee would like their gift set: pls write in the "notes section" hold off shipping until further notice. Then just email team@realoystercult.com with the date of delivery. (Unless you'd like to add another knife and glove, please ignore the prompt at checkout to buy them).

surprise | delight

surprise | delight


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North American oyster farms grow some of the world's most crave-able oysters. Like wine, their flavors and textures can vary greatly, depending upon the season. We'll choose only what's most delectably in season, so your gift will be sure to delight.