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How to set your Raw Bar like a Pro

Fun tip: use a dropper for your mignonette

The classic French accoutrement — red-wine vinegar laced with shallots and black pepper — is tried and true, but a citrus mignonette is lovely for the warmer months. Less acidic, it's a more subtle accompaniment. A dash of citrus is perfect, but when it comes to making a mignonette, it's all about adding the zest. 

Meyer Lemon Mignonette

  • Juice and zest of 2 Meyer lemons
  • A bit of minced shallot
  • Cracked black pepper

Thanks to Phil Bangert for sharing his pro raw...

Is shucking sacred?

Is shucking sacred? (Obvi)

Sometimes shucking can be a lot of work (raw bars). It can also be a lot of fun, it brings people together in that way party tricks do. And it's an adventure, like light exercise while drinking wine. We've always believed that these components make it akin to a sacred ritual of sorts. Just so happens, Richard Catania feels the same way. We love you Richard. Here's his story.

"These are our dearest friends in Midland. All of them love oysters (maybe not...

Your cure for March Madness

Fling into Spring

It's officially spring (woo-hoo!), but while we wait for blooms and warmer weather, we're hoping to fuel your spring flings with a few of our absolute faves this week. And we're bundling them in our SPRING FLING TRIO, so you can try them all.

Capital from Spencer Cove, WA: sweet and creamy, with hints of melon and cucumber, a crisp sea salt flavor and a satisfyingly clean finish....

Get Lucky

Get Lucky 

In PEI's northern New London Bay, Lucky Limes are bag grown in algae abundant waters, which imbue their shells with a lovely, bright green hue. Fed by the Gulf of St. Lawrence, they're subtly salty, deep cupped, and perfectly paisley shaped. Get lucky and try them with 10% off today and tomorrow only.

green | salty | lucky

3.25 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. St. Paddy's Day
  2. Stout
  3. Braised Cabbage
  4. Roasted Potatoes + Lamb


Movies, Martinis + Cape Spear. Oh My.



Movies, Martinis and Cape Spear

Our new oyster this week, Cape Spear Salt from Nova Scotia sparked a walk down memory lane: the famous film "Cape Fear" from 1962 and the notorious Martin Scorsese remake in 1991 with Robert De Niro and Juliette Lewis (Jessica Lange, Nick Nolte, and star cameos by Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum).

If you've never seen the remake, buckle up. Cabin fever begone, hello adrenaline rush: Pair with