Cult Monthly Membership

Cult Monthly Membership

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Oysters are automatically delivered once a month on any Friday you choose. No obligation, modify or pause your cult status anytime. You'll be emailed a link to your cult portal to make changes anytime: change your shipping date, skip a month, add or change shipping address, send as a gift, or cancel anytime.
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Cult Monthly Membership

Get a special, curated surprise oyster selection. Every month we'll handpick peak season oysters for your devouring pleasure. Want more than one flavor? Choose 40 oysters and enjoy a party of two kinds. Still not satisfied? Choose 60 and get a three-way. 

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2.75 - 3.25 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

      1. The Oyster Lover
      2. The Mother Shucker
      3. Rooftop Gatherings 
      4. Book Group 




North American oyster farms grow some of the world's most crave-able oysters. Like wine, their flavors and textures can vary greatly (even within the same oyster family), depending upon the season. From the crowd-pleasing Kumamoto from Washington to the kissable Pink Moon from PEI, there's a peak season for each. We'll choose only what's in season, so every time it will be your favorite oyster ever.

The Gritty Details:

Your card will be billed once a month, with the option to cancel anytime. We'll deliver your delectable oysters once a month. Not going to be around? No worries: pause your order, change the delivery address, or gift to one of your awesome friends.