Thanksgiving Trio

Thanksgiving Trio

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Lil' Pilgrim, Pemaquid, Chelsea Gem

Culinary historians say the original Thanksgiving meal was fresh with les fruit de mer ...and that oysters were most likely brought by the Wampanoags. Shuck up a fresh start to a hearty meal: Lil' Pilgrim from historic Plymouth MA is petite, with a crisp brine, a light butter, and kelp finish, classic Pemaquid from Maine, a gorgeous oyster with a perfect balance of brine and sweet, and Chelsea Gem from Eld Inlet, WA a tumbled clean-cut cucumber-infused beauty. Best. Family Ice Breaker. Ever. Only available in November.

Thanksgiving | Trio

2.75 - 3 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Turkey
  2. All the Fixins
  3. Champagne
  4. Family Ice Breakers 


Lil' Pilgrim: Plymouth, MA, Pemaquid: Damariscotta River, ME, Chelsea Gem, WA