Super Sampler

Super Sampler

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Standish Shore, Goosepoint, Honeymoon

What's super about this sampler? Both coasts are in the house, and we're keeping it clean with a Canadian referee. Ten of each = a perfect score. Standish Shore from Duxbury, MA is buttery smooth, salty and sweet. Goosepoint, our west coast Washington player, brings vegetal heat and a lingering mineral sweetness. Honeymoon from New Brunswick rounds out this trio with a bright, clean brine. 

Super Bowl | Sampler

2.75 - 3 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Pre Party 
  2. Beer and Hot Sauce
  3. Gurley + Goff
  4. Brady + Gronk


Standish Shore: Duxbury, MA, Deer Creek: Hood Canal, WA, Honeymoon: New Brunswick, Canada.