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Skagit Bay, WA

Pristine little parcels of goodness. A delicate subtle brine, the prize is in their pearly shells and plump, yet petite fills. A melon-y flavor lingers seductively. We call them the Elizabeth Taylor of oysters. Haute beauté.

subtle  |  melony  |  prizeworthy

subtle  |  melony |  prizeworthy

2"  |  Petite

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Minx Magazine (HBO)
  2. A crisp Muscadet
  3. Elizabeth Taylor
  4. Pillow Talk (Doris Day)


Skagit Shellfish ~ veterans of sustainability

"For 35 years we've strived for sustainability in multiple forms."

The Gritty Details:

A flip-bag system on intertidal beds. The oysters are constantly tumbled by wave and tidal action.

Flavor Influenced by:

  1. Salinity: Low
  2. Tides: Glacier melt rivers plus direct ocean tidal exchange
  3. Bottom Makeup: Sand and mud