Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster

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When lobster is this easy, it's an all-year-round treat. From acclaimed Luke's Lobster, 1/2 pound of sustainably sourced prized knuckle and claw Maine lobster meat, and a packet of Luke's secret seasoning (serves 2). Each box makes 2 luscious lobster rolls. A super delish dinner recipe: sauteé garlic, butter, shallot, wine wine, and tarragon for several minutes, and cook down. Add the thawed lobster. Warm for three minutes. Serve with risotto, rice, or pasta, or some crusty bread. This can only be purchased (as an add-on item only).

sweet | poignant

sweet | poignant

8oz. Per Package

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Wild Caught Maine Lobster

Lobster, water, seasoning packet (spices, including celery seed powder, sea salt, garlic powder), salt, crustacean shellfish (lobster).

    Ready to Eat. Keep Frozen. Thaw in refrigeration before use.