Great White

Great White

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Barnstable, MA Cape Cod Bay

The tide is high
But I'm holdin' on

Like his namesake, GREAT WHITE from Barnstable (Cape Cod) is a force. Exploding with full oceanic flavor and salt, this oyster is no shrinking violet. Sharks have personalities, too (scientists now say). Some are brave and some are shy. This GREAT WHITE sings with salty abandon and a mineral sweetness, filling his belly full to bursting.

briny | sweet | sharky

briny | sweet | sharky

3 - 3.5

Pairs Perfectly with:

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  2. Sunny Days
  3. Blondie
  4. High Tide


Barnstable, Cape Cod Bay

Cape Cod Oysters, A Family of Farmers

"Cape Cod Oyster Company is not just a team but a family. We employ 14 full time workers, all of whom live in Cape Cod. We farm for the environment. We farm for the community."

The Gritty Details:

Great Whites begin their days as seedlings, feeding in the nutrient rich waters of North Bay on Cape Cod. From there they are hand grown and harvested in the premier merrior of Barnstable Harbor. The strong ebb and flow of ocean tides twice a day supply our oysters with a diet rich in minerality and salinity creating a distinctive ocean-in-a-shell flavor that can only come from the waters off of Cape Cod.

Flavor Influenced by:

  1. Salinity: 2.7% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity
  2. Tides: 9 ft. tidal range of nutrient-rich waters
  3. Bottom Makeup: Sand and silted tidal flats