Glacier Point

Glacier Point

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Halibut Cove, Alaska

Glacier Points are grown in Halibut Cove Alaska in one of the most remote, pristine, idyllic places on the planet. The Kachemak Bay State Park glaciers feed the cove in the summer and with 30 ft-tides make this a deliciously, briny, and mineral-infused treat. With a fluted white and khaki shell, the meats boast a umami brine, gentle crunch and clean, vegetal finish.

briny  |  umami  |  dynamic

2.75 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Ski Slopes
  2. Champagne Cocktails
  3. Beach House ~ the band
  4. Roaring Fires


Alaska Shellfish Farms, Big Country Adventure

Drawn to the great outdoors of Alaska for its beauty and adventure, Greg and Weatherly Bates started farming shellfish there in 2007 after previously raising oysters in Maine. With 30' tides, abundance of wildlife, and numerous challenges, the Bates brim with excitement and pride to raise oysters, mussels and children in remote Alaska. "There is nothing better than growing shellfish as a family, straight out of Alaskan waters, surrounded by glaciers, forest, and mountains."

The Gritty Details:

Hatchery seed is suspended in deepwater trays and tumbled often to harden shells.

Flavor Influenced by:

  1. Salinity: 3.5% = 3.5% full oceanic salinity (2.5% during the summer due to glacial melt)
  2. Tides: 30 ft. tides exchange food and nutrients continuously
  3. Bottom Makeup: Rocky bottom covered with glacial silt