Fling into Spring Trio

Fling into Spring Trio

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Pemaquid, Fortune, Sailor's Valentine

In the Northeast, we literally fling ourselves into spring. But no matter where you reside, this trio will have you shucking for joy. Pemaquid is straight salt, tastes like a fresh sea breeze. Fortune is a petite treat from Nova Scotia, bite-size brine with a dazzling finish. Sailor's Valentine is a fan favorite: the numero uno for a perfectly balanced marriage of salt and sweet. 

Sunshine | Sampler

2.5-3 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Spring Blooms
  2. Bubbly
  3. Van Morrison ~ Down to Joy
  4. Mother’s Day


Pemaquid: Maine, Fortune: Nova Scotia, Sailor's Valentine: Duxbury, MA