Feast on this

Feast on this

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Oysters. Mignon-Nips. Lobster. Mussels. Oh, my.

Glass half full: think outside the ham. This year is far from normal (is there such a thing anymore?) so let's get creative and FEAST ON THIS: Holiday Tasting Oysters, Holly Mignon-Nips (cult classic + pomegranate mignonettes), 5 lbs. of PEI Mussels, and 2 Maine Lobster Kits (1 lb). 

Let's make the holidays memorable with seafood that's delicious, nutritious + good for the oceans.

Holiday| Feast

Holiday | feast

2.75 - 3.5 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. The Holidays
  2. Bubbly + Beer
  3. New Year’s 
  4. Shuck 'n Zoom


ROC Reserve: Duxbury, MA, Lobster: Maine, Crab: New England, Mussels: PEI