Gift Bundle

Gift Bundle

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Best. Gift. Ever.

Delight 'em with a delicacy that does good for the planet. We'll curate the most delectable oysters from across North America and throw in a complimentary shucking knife and towel to make the best gift bundle ever. Want to give more than one flavor? Choose 40 oysters and give a party of 2 kinds. Choose 60 oysters and give a three-way.

surprise | delight

2 - 3.5 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Holiday Season
  2. Buckets of Champagne
  3. Cocktails and Dinner
  4. Yuletide Parties


North American oyster farms grow some of the world's most crave-able oysters. Like wine, their flavors and textures can vary greatly, depending upon the season. We'll choose only what's most delectably in season, so your gift will be sure to delight. 

The Gritty Details:

Here's how it works: enter your giftee's email, choose a delivery date, make your purchase and we'll reach out to the lucky recipient with the delicious news. They can confirm or change their delivery date.