Standish Shore

Standish Shore

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Duxbury Bay, MA

Kissed by the bay. When sweet-buttery flavor collides with the delicate notes of the ocean. Flooded with nutrient-rich waters twice a day, Duxbury Bay gives its oysters a clean and salty finish and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

sweet | salty  |  flirt

2.75 - 3.5 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Your Favorite Band
  2. Dancing Til You Drop
  3. Tequila
  4. Fall Fests


Ben Lloyd, Oyster Dreamer

Ben dreamed of owning an oyster farm for over sixteen years. In 2001, he founded Pangea Shellfish Company, a distinguished oyster and shellfish wholesaler. Selling oysters was satisfying, but the bay called to him. Nine years later, Ben fulfilled his dream by purchasing Standish Shore Farm, naming it after the Standish Shore Monument overlooking Duxbury Bay. The first crop of Standish Shore Oysters was harvested in 2012. The oysters' quality and flavor were delicious, and even though Ben now grows more than 2.5 million oysters each year, he makes sure every one of his oysters are perfectly devourable.

The Gritty Details:

2mm seed is upwelled in May and then placed in Vexar nursery bags until the fall. In October, they are planted directly on the tidal flats. Handpicked at low tide or dragged during higher tides. Oysters are purged off-bottom for at least 2 days. Time to market: 1.5 to 2 years.

Flavor Influenced by:

  1. Salinity: 2.9% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity
  2. Tides: 10 ft. tidal range of nutrient-rich waters
  3. Bottom Makeup: Sand and silted tidal flats