Party in a Box

Party in a Box

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Shellfish Three Ways

It's our Party in a Box: Hollander & de Koning mussels from Mount Desert Island, Maine, savory steamers from Maine, and (20 or 40) oysters curated at the peak of seasonality. Our H & D mussels are richly flavorful and succulent. The best part? They're purged before being bagged, so they'll need nothing more than a good rinse before you toss them into a garlicky bath. The savory steamer clams are also "perfectly purged" by our friends at Pangea Shellfish. Treat them with kid gloves, and the result will be +++ for flavorful, tender meat. Try them fried, grilled or steamed in white wine, butter, shallots, garlic, and black pepper. Party. Ready.

Oysters | Mussels | Steamers

2.75 - 3.5 inches

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Holland and de Koning Mussels from Maine, Steamers: Maine