Fling into Spring Trio

Fling into Spring Trio

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Petite Pemaquid, Petite Wellfleet, Chelsea Gem

Alert ~ this combo is a crowd-pleaser. Set the quantity to 60 and keep them in a soulful state. This tasting is perfect for Easter, Passover, and all your Spring gatherings. Two of the best east coast offerings plus a little west coast indulgence will wow your tastebuds. Pemaquid is straight salt and tastes like a fresh sea breeze. Chelsea Gem is a west coast infusion of melon plus brine. Petite Wellfleet is a fan favorite: numero uno for a perfectly balanced marriage of salt and sweet. 

Sunshine | Sampler

2.5-3 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Spring Blooms
  2. Bubbly
  3. Stan Getz
  4. Easter


Pemaquid: Maine, Chelsea Gems: Eld Inlet, Washington, Wellfleet: Wellfleet, MA