Dad Oysters

Dad Oysters

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ROC Reserve, Birch Point

Dad Jokes. Dad Hats. These are things. About Dads. It's time to add "Dad Oysters" to this illustrious list. Dad Oysters are medium-sized, not too big, not too small. They are "real briny." (No further description needed: This is for Dad).

...Typically, devoured by Dad whilst singing a sea shanty or imparting a seaworthy story, *subtly* bullet-pointing his passion for the ocean. It's a thing. For Dads. And you should, like, get it for him.

  • An ultimate pairing of ROC Reserve (Duxbury, MA) + Birch Point (Steuben, Maine)
  • Perfect Size + Brine for Dad
  • Option to add French Shucker
  • Option to add ROC Hat

salty I umami I dadalicious

salty I umami I dadalicious

3 - 3.25 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Father's Day
  2. Grilling
  3. Sea Shanties
  4. Stuffed Scallops



Birch Point: Steuben, Maine, ROC Reserve: Duxbury, MA