Chatham Select

Chatham Select

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Chatham, MA

A well-kept secret, Chathams are highly coveted. Their bright brine "is balanced by an amazing clarity of flavor, without the slightest aftertaste. These are like oysters that have reached a certain stage of enlightenment." Rowan Jacobsen

briny | deep cupped  |  enlightened

3 inches

Pairs Perfectly with:

  1. Defying the Doldrums
  2. Roaring fires
  3. Ski Getaways
  4. Cocktails 


Chatham Shellfish Co., History in Farming

Begun in 1976, Chatham Shellfish Company has revitalized aquaculture in the region. Utilizing both age-old techniques harkening back to when oyster grants lined the Oyster River and Oyster Pond, Chatham also incorporates modern-day technology.

The Gritty Details:

Chatham Massachusetts lies on the elbow of Cape Cod. The influence of the cold rich waters of the North Atlantic to the east and the waters of Nantucket Sound to the south and west results in a generously rich environment of fish and shellfish habitat.

Flavor Influenced by:

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