Chandon X ROC Pairing

Chandon X ROC Pairing

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Beau Soleil, Sailor's Valentine

The perfect partners for sparkling wine, these bivalves bask in the bubbles: Sailor's Valentine (Duxbury, MA): She's petite and curvaceous, a lusty umami morsel, with a refreshingly salty sense of humor. And Beau Soleil (New Brunswick): He's elegant with a crescent moon-shaped shell and a refined brilliant brine. We've curated these bivalves to pair perfectly with Chandon's By The Bay Reserve Blanc de Blancs. This Chandon x ROC Pairing includes 20 oysters + gloves and a knife. (CHANDON is not included). 

To purchase the Chandon x Food52 A Taste of the Bay Kit:

A Taste of the Bay Kit includes Food52's favorite California accoutrements and go-to oyster toppers, festive oyster recipe ideas, and a bottle of Chandon’s finest By The Bay Reserve Blanc de Blancs for popping and pairing.

briny | zesty | sparking

briny | zesty | sparkling

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Beau Soleil: New Brunswick, Canada, Sailor's Valentine: Duxbury, MA